Previously on Savage RIFTS, the “Alpha Team”, found the abandoned base of Omega Beasts and were in a plane on their way to Tomorrow Legion HQ, when one of the engines sputters and stalls. The plane is running out of fuel!

Down they go into a controlled crash, thanks to Doc!

Before their unintended descent, they received a message from Moses, the D-Bee Ley Line Walker they rescued from Lone Star base. He was being chased by the Omega Beasts and needed help. The group recovers from the crash quickly. Only to find Moses surrounded by Omega Beasts in a large ravine. After a 6 vs 8 battle to the bitter end, the party manages to defeat all of the Omega Beasts.

After a short rest they head back to the plane, only to find it missing! The crash site is easily found but the plane is completely gone! To make matters worse they lose Doc in the firefight…When they manage to find him; he is wounded, bleeding, and unconscious. He was clearly attacked by something. They see a looming shadow over some hills nearby and its moving towards them! 

Doc has taken a beating and to everyone’s surprise, his wounds reveal sophisticated cybernetics underneath his skin. Just as the party tries to make a run for it with Doc in tow, several large shadows appear on the ground around them. They look up and see large winged humanoids flying high above them. Patience wins the day, as they discover the creatures to be a group of Lyn-Srial warriors. They offer to help Doc and the party by taking them to their grand canyon village.

Doc is badly wounded and may not make the trip. The village healers are not very confident they can tend his wounds, due to his cybernetics.

Will the players be able to find help soon? What was that thing in the desert? Did it have something to do with Doc wounds? Are there more Omega Beasts running around northern Arzno? …

Tune in next month for another exciting adventure of the Alpha Team!


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