The Monthly Module as a Campaign Calendar for your RPG Journal.

0323171005.jpgI have been writing about how to use Bullet Journal methods in keeping a RPG Journal for Players and Game Masters. Here is a sample of how I use the Monthly Log to keep track of my campaign calendar.

The method takes the monthly log and uses it to keep track of the events, happening’s, or plans, in your campaign. The method entails you creating a column of numbers, one for each day of the month, on the left side of the page, and the first letter of the day of the week in the column next to it. I omitted the days of the week  in my journal. Then you create a vertical line to separate the months days. I use a dot to denote the end of the week. Your entries for each day are entered on the right side of the line. Usually one entry per day, or as many as you can fit in one line. I have seen some methods that use two pages and record more than one line for each month. For example, half the month on the left side and the rest of the month on the right, with 2 lines per day being used to record your notes.

As a Player, you can keep track of holidays and major happenings of the day. You can keep track of NPC’s you meet, or major events you attend or need to attend. Deadlines and other appointments as well. Just like you would in the real world…

As a GM, you can use it to plan the happening’s of the world around your players. In the example below, I show the Princess being kidnapped on the 2nd day of the month (Fifth Over). And if the PC’s don’t intervene, she will escape on the 9th day of the month.

The calendar in the pic is for a Dark Sun campaign, using the merchant calendar for my game. At the bottom of the page, I made notes on the number of days in each calendar duration.

You can also add any campaign holidays and PC Birthdays as well. I add festivals and kingdom holidays into my campaign journal.

If you plan on a long term campaign, make sure you leave enough blank pages or draw all of the future months out for your future plans. I even skip months if I plan to advance time in a more episodic game.

But always remember, just cause you wrote it down, does not mean you can’t change it!




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