CAMPAIGN LOG: Session #3

Previously on Savage Rifts, the “A Team” is taken to a secret CS base hidden in walls of the Grand Canyon. Doc commandeers the plane and sets course without telling the party. He explains they must find the Omega Beasts before Dr. Desmond does….. They land and depart to search for what Doc calls “a signal”. They lose Doc in the darkness. Not wanting to attract attention they choose a stealthy approach to finding him and the base. That’s when the Glitterboy fires his Boom Gun, BOOOOOMMMMMM, and destroys the undiscovered crow’s nest on the canyon wall. The ensuing echo throughout the canyon sounds like thunder on a cloudless night…


Strangely, this doesn’t provoke any response from the base. Doc appears and tells them he has found something.After a harrowing trek thru the ant hill style rooms and caves of the base, they discover the base to be mostly abandoned. They find the Omega Beasts are being grown there, and are loose among the facility! Not wanting to incur the wrath of the beasts, they discover a hangar with a dropship able to fly.

After escaping in a CS Dropship, they fly over their original ship, only to see it being ravaged by the Omega Beasts; and the prisoner (Moses) they rescued from Lone Star is no where to be found. They decide to get Doc back to Castle Refuge before this mess gets out of control.

As they are leaving the outskirts of the Canyon, they receive a message from the Moses, who they thought was missing. He appears to them as an illusion, and tells them he needs help.

Does the group return to help the prisoner, who may be trapped in the Grand Canyon with the Omega Beast in tow? Or do they continue on to warn Castle Refuge of the Aishwarra and the Omega’s? (and maybe leave out the part where they let them loose upon the world)

Suddenly the plane sputters and gasps for air as the engines flame out … Tune in at the end of the month to find out what happens next time …


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