CAMPAIGN LOG: Session #2

Previously, in the Lone Star Genetics Lab, a CS Scientist named DOC is attempting to go rogue and has reached out to the Tomorrow Legion to escort/rescue him to a safe house in the ‘Burbs.

In the rescue attempt, the party let’s loose a monster being experimented on, in the lab; the AISHWARRA. In the ensuing chaos, they try to flee. Doc explains that the monster feeds on magical beings, and DR. DESMOND BRADFORD has plans to unleash the creature onto New Lazlo and/or the Federation of Magic!

While on the run with the Doc, the players confront one of the CS S&D squads, Special Agent – REYNER KREIGHOFF and “The Pack ” ( A Psi-Stalker and Dog Boy Squad). The players defeat the group quickly, but the Pack and its master survived their wounds. Now they are being followed as they attempt to flee, and Kreighoff is holding a grudge.

In addition, the Doc mentions there may be a way to defeat the AISHWARRA, but it involves the OMEGA BEASTS being test-tube bred in the lab! Which is the lesser of the two evils, we may never know! Until next time ….



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