CAMPAIGN LOG: Session #1

The group started down the path early. The path to perdition….

After being asked to take on a mission to rescue a scientist from a Coalition research lab, they discover him to be working at the lab, not a prisoner. He has valuable information on the research going on in the Lone Star genetics lab and needs to taken to a safe house by our adventurous party.

They find the scientist in a shanty town just outside the city of Lone Star. He is a mutant chimpanzee and the professor of genetics! Dr. Rodriguez Heston a.k.a. “Doc”. He is having a drink in a rundown relic of a saloon in the shanty town just outside of Lone Star. He tells the ‘Crazy’ of the party that he is being watched/followed. The typical paranoia associated with the type quickly takes over. As he tries to make his escape with Doc, some Coalition soldiers try and stop him.

After the ensuing fire fight with Coalition forces, they manage to escape without the Chimpanzee Doctor!

“Doc” soon radios the team, and informs them he is in the facility under guard and suspicion of deserting.

They need to get him out of there before things go from bad to worse.

The facility is light on guards due to combat maneuvers being completed nearby. Their only chance is to sneak in and “rescue” the good doctor before more guards and personnel return.

The Doc gives the team some coordinates and information on how to sneak into the facility. What awaits them inside a Coalition Genetics Research Lab? Isn’t it obvious!



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