This is my very first post.

Since the fifth grade, when my teacher, Mr. Perry, brought in a copy of Dungeon! the board game to play during our free time, I have been hooked on games. from Board Games, Video Games, Miniature War Games, and Role Playing Games, I have had my nose in every book ever since!

For the last 30+ years I have been playing at least one game or another. This has given me a community of friends, and kids, who I play with on a regular basis. My kids play games, and some of my friends bring their kids to play games. This is where my blog comes in. I always heard the comment “You should be writing for some game company.” or “You should be writing down some of your adventures.” This is me realizing that dream.

So without further ado, I bring you my online blog called Ezzerharden Games. The name comes from a story I read, or saw, as a kid. I liked it, so I kept using it as my character names, my online gamer tag, and many other spaces…. I am using it now, as a reminder to “never grow up, and always play games.” ~ Thanks Mr. Perry  …  Welcome and Enjoy!


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